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Fondo Asilo, Migrazione e Integrazione (2014-2020)

The State for New Citizens


The project State for New Citizens (European Integration, 2011 - Action 8 - OE + UTG) promotes the
improvement of provision of administrative services offered by the Prefecture of Turin to foreign nationals,
by facilitating access to the offices, providing staff training so as to that updated on immigration issues and
ensuring an accurate information, and the possibility to easily access to the services of the Prefecture,
active listening ensures timely information tailored to the needs of each.
In addition to fit out the waiting room of the citizenship and legalization office to make the wait more
comfortable, the project has made information portal through which you can make appointments at the
offices of the Prefecture. It is a system available to citizens and organizations that strengthens the online
information and makes it fast and convenient booking of appointments avoiding unnecessary queuing at
counters. The platform is an experimental project and was built in a flexible way so as to add new services
in future could be provided online and ensure collaboration between different offices not only inside but
also outside the Prefecture.
The project also allowed the activity and the availability of intercultural mediation services, with the
presence of the cultural mediators during opening hours to the public, and eventually during booked
appointments for special needs.
The cultural mediation is carried out at the Immigration services based in Piazza Castello, and at the unified
Immigration desk in Via del Carmine, in particular to support operators dealing with Integration Agreement,
to promote understanding for those who enter Italy for the first time about the rules that govern life in our
country and the rights and duties that follow. The presence of mediators within the competence of the
ordinary services of the Prefecture for years is appreciated by both sides the staff of the office and citizens.
The successful field test of the service offered and the increasing of foreigners at the counters makes it
essential to maintain the service. This project ensures the training and updating of cultural mediators to
new attributions of competence that the Ministry has entrusted to the prefectures (such as the Integration
Agreement and the evaluation of applications for the issue of citizenship for marriage). The project also
collaborates with other active projects in the area. In particular through the project MEDIATO, supported
by the Compagnia di San Paolo and produced by the Observatory on Immigration in Piedmont - IRES